It began with love

It started with Jason & Shalina's connection to their two beloved pitbulls Rasta & Lola, and wanting to make them a larger part of their everyday lives.  Inspired by their pups' loyal and tenacious personalities,  Jason & Shalina wanted to create dog toys and furniture that fit aesthetically and functionally into their home and lifestyles. Everything else in their home was considered- why not the accessories for pets and furry companions.


Our story

With the founders’ collective design experience and backgrounds in furniture and fashion design, Velvet Hippo is dedicated to the integrity of our pets, the quality of the products we produce, and a commitment to sustainability in manufacturing. We’re not here to add more stuff to the planet and believe the best way to do this is making products that outlast the rest. We believe in embracing simplicity and minimalism, and stand behind our designs that enrich the interactions, environments, and memories we share with our dogs.

We teamed up with the design team at Uhuru, an award winning Brooklyn based design firm to create our first capsule collection of dog beds and chew toys.  Renown for their innovative and sustainable approach to New American Design, we share a similar creative, responsible, and open minded design sensibility.