And it began with love

it started with our connection to our two beloved pitbulls Rasta & Lola, and wanting to make them a larger part of our everyday lives.  inspired by their loyal and tenacious personalities, We wanted to create dog toys and furniture that fit aesthetically and functionally into our home and lifestyles. Everything else in our home was considered- why not the accessories for our pets and best furry friends.  

our story

With the founders’ collective design experience and backgrounds in furniture and fashion design, Velvet Hippo offers minimal, contemporary, and timeless designs that complement their owners’ lifestyles. Chartered with the belief that our products are well made and designed, Velvet Hippo seeks to strip away the superfluous, embrace simplicity, sustainability, and create accessories that strengthen the bond between pet and owner, and enhance the living spaces we share.

We teamed up with the design team at Uhuru, an award winning Brooklyn based design firm to create our first capsule collection of dog beds and chew toys.  Renown for their innovative and sustainable approach to New American Design, we share a similar creative, responsible, and open minded design sensibility.