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3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space for 2021

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3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space for 2021

2020 was a year that, for many of us, felt like it lasted about ten years. On New Year’s Eve, we could just as easily shouted “finally!” when the clock struck midnight–if we even had the energy to stay awake that long. It’s only natural to want a bit of a refresh in the new year, but it feels essential for 2021. At Velvet Hippo, we’re well aware of how our spaces affect our moods, and in the spirit of approaching this new year with renewed intention, here are some tips for some small ways to make a significant impact on your surroundings.


Plants are an excellent way to add color and beauty to your space, no matter what size area you have. Because there are so many varieties, there’s going to be something that suits just about everyone’s needs (even if you aren’t blessed with a green thumb). In addition to being nice to look at, studies show that interacting with plants may reduce stress. Having plants around can also reduce the toxins in the air, according to NASA. Remember before you bring any new plant babies home to whip your phone out and do a quick google search. Make sure the plant you’ve chosen will thrive with the amount of light in your space and is safe to have around furry family members.


Changing up the art on the walls of a space can have an enormous impact with minimal effort, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. Prints from up and coming artists are often available very inexpensively. If you have the means to buy a downloadable piece online and have it printed yourself, that is another less expensive option. And of course, there are always thrift stores! Remember not to overlook something just because it’s in a frame you don’t like, too. Sometimes all an ugly frame needs is a can of spray paint for its second life. Speaking of frames, if you already love the art you have, a frame refresh is a simple way to spruce up the pieces you already own and make them feel new again.


You don’t need to buy new furniture to make a space feel brand new. A few new throw pillows add texture and warmth to your living space in a snap. Why not experiment with a fresh pop of color? Or for an extra dose of cozy, toss on one of our Asher Sheepskin Throws, and voila, what is old feels new again. Both dogs and humans appreciate our oh-so-fluffy throws. Speaking of dogs, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also remind you that our hex beds come in statement shades like Ocean and Sunset that can brighten up your room in an instant.

Giving your home some new life doesn’t have to be a project or cost a bundle of your hard-earned dollars. No matter your budget, the size of your home, or if you rent or own, you can mix things up for a fresh start to your year with just a few easy changes.