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Our Canvas Crush

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Our Canvas Crush

Canvas has been a long time favorite material at Velvet Hippo because of its durability and versatility. Since it can come in many different weights and weaves, we chose one that was sturdy yet soft enough for our dogs to use.

Velvet Hippo - Canvas Beds in Sunset, Ocean, Stone, and Shadow

We took quite a bit of time to select the specific canvas you see on our beds today. Our investment in that selection process means your pup’s bed stands up to their scratching, caters to their comfort, and looks beautiful in your home.

When friends and family ask you about your amazing bed, here are some helpful highlights to share with them.



Cotton is the most widely produced natural fiber on earth, and it’s beloved for its comfort and durability. It’s also quite versatile, able to be woven or knitted into many different fabrics (like our canvas). Lastly, cotton is soft and breathable. That makes it perfect even in warm climates and hot weather, and for pups with sensitive skin.

85/15 Cotton-Polyester Blend - Durabiilty & Comfort

Polyester adds extra strength and resilience to the canvas. We combine it with our cotton in tight weaves that resist snagging and pilling. It also stands up to the scratching and digging of dogs who like to “nest” before lying down. We carefully added enough polyester to improve durability, but not so much that it overrides our natural, lovable cotton hand feel.



Not to be confused with the thread count we look for in our sheets, rub count is exactly what it sounds like: the number of rubs before we see visible wear and pilling.

Our High Rub Count - Outlasts 25,000 Rubs

Our canvas outlasted 25,000 rubs, so it’s perfect for tough puppy paws.



We reviewed a lot of color swatches before deciding on our colors today. We feel strongly that home is where your dog is, and their bed should look great in whichever room it’s in. Our Stone and Shadow beds match well with greys and other earthy tones. If you’re looking for a splash of color, Ocean and Sunset offer contemporary options to accent a more neutral setting.

Our Modern Design - Match Your Home's Aesthetic

We dye our canvas with a subtle, high-low effect. That helps us find a nice balance of looking lived-in and relaxed. Like a perfect pair of stone-washed jeans, you should love the look and feel as much as your pup does.

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