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What Does Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Mean?

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What Does Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Mean?

When you see your dog sleeping, all snuggled into his bed, we’re sure you can’t help but take a moment to watch him sleep. We can’t blame you; there are few things more peaceful than watching them snooze without a single care in the world. When they have dreams and they “run” or even let out a little bark? The cutest. Ever wonder what could be going on inside that sweet little head of theirs? It turns out you can learn a lot about how a dog feels just by how he or she sleeps.


Curled up nose-to-tail is an instinctual position for any animal. Your dog’s vital organs are protected from a surprise predator attack, and they’re also sure to be warm and cozy, particularly if they can cover up with a big, fluffy tail. This tucked-in position still allows your dog to spring into action if necessary, so if he is unsure of his surroundings, he may sleep in this pose to make himself feel safe. But just because he sleeps this way doesn’t mean he’s feeling insecure; it could just feel nice in the moment, too.


Another “classic” and standard position for a pup to catch some zzz's is lying on one side. Sleeping on their side indicates your dog feels pretty comfortable since his belly is exposed in this position. Sprawled out on his side is the optimal pose for relaxed, deep sleep, so if you see your dog napping on his side, keep an eye out for those precious little twitchy paws while he dreams.


This sleeping position is prevalent with puppies and other high-energy dogs. They just play and play and play and then suddenly...flop. Dogs sleeping on their bellies are usually only taking a short nap between bursts of energy. This pose allows for them to pop up and run off at a moment’s notice when it’s time to play again.


If your dog is lying with his front paws forward and his back legs to one side, just resting his head on his feet, chances are he’s only dozing. You see this pose a lot with dogs who are chillin’ out under mom and dad’s table at dog-friendly restaurants or under mom’s desk during a busy workday. This pose says, “I’m just resting my eyes, so I’m ready to go whenever you are.”


Do you have a burrowing creature in your home? If your dog loves to snuggle under blankets, she probably also loves cuddling with you a lot too. And we’re guessing she has a lot of, er, princess tendencies. (Don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone.) Dogs who like to snuggle under a blanket love the extra security being tucked in gives, and that probably means they want a lot of attention from mom or dad, too.


The silliest, often cutest positions our dogs sleep in are the ones with their belly up, legs pointing every which way. Dogs who sleep tummy up are just comfy, mom! Practically, it can also help your pooch feel a little cooler in hot environments to “air out” that fuzzy belly, too. It might look weird (ok, it definitely looks weird), but you should be happy your dog is relaxed, comfortable, and feels very safe to sleep in a pose like this.

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