Asher throw- origins + product care



We care about the environmental impact and origins of our sheepskin throws. Our Asher throws are sourced from one of Iceland's most notable tanneries.

We have guarantees from our supplier that their products- whether fish, lamb, or horse- are all by-products from the agricultural or food industry. No animal is raised or killed with the sole purpose of collecting its skin. Our tannery follows strict sustainable guidelines; the coloration of the wool is completely natural and there are never any dyes used. Because these are natural products, each sheepskin varies slightly in size, texture, and coloration/pattern.




New sheepskins are brushed out at the tannery and because of this, the wool hair appears fuller and poofy (as shown in the dark grey throw to the right). We love the look of sheepskins over time, when the hairs get more texturized and tousled with use, revealing the natural wool colors in a different light.

The light grey throw to the left shows how the sheepskin throw wears over time (as tested with several dogs and daily use). If you don't desire this textured look, you can always brush out the textured hair with a wide tooth metal brush. 



Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, water and dirt repellant. And because of this, they don't smell and don't need to be regularly laundered (we speak from experience)! Giving your throw a good shake outside will keep the help maintain the wool hairs.

In the case of an accident, we suggest spot cleaning the throw with a clean damp cloth and wool detergent.

If for any reason you feel the need to clean the entire sheepskin, you can submerge the sheepskin in lukewarm water and wash by hand in a large container or tub. Avoid detergents with enzymes, and try to use a wool cleaning agent that is safe for leather & wool. The sheepskin will take some time to dry. Lay flat and place the throw in indirect sunlight to let naturally air dry. Once the throw is dry, you may brush it and give it a good shake.

Please know that washing may occur shrinkage and the hairs may change appearance slightly. We are not responsible for any damages or changes in appearance caused by the washing of your sheepskin.