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Who we are

At Velvet Hippo, we are dog lovers and designers who craft high-quality, functional pet accessories that fit seamlessly into your home.

Based in Brooklyn, we are committed to creating quality products with sustainability in mind throughout the design and production process.



It began with love

Hi! I'm Shalina

I’m a graphic and product designer who loves functional design and appreciates a mid day siesta with my two dogs.

He's Jason

He’s an award-winning furniture designer with work in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

These are our two pit mixes, Rasta & Lola

They came into our lives in 2014 & 2015.

Together we’re a happy family. We find joy in having a home that represents good design and functionality at its core. But we had one problem...

Since no dog beds seemed to carry these principles, we decided to make our own!

With that, Velvet Hippo was born.

As a pet accessories brand, Velvet Hippo seeks to inspire pet owners to express their personal style in the spaces and environments they share with their furry ones.

Made to last

Velvet Hippo is dedicated to the integrity of our pets, the quality of the products we produce, and a commitment to sustainability in manufacturing. We’re not here to add more stuff to the planet and believe the best way to do this is making products that outlast the rest.

We believe in embracing simplicity and minimalism, and stand behind our designs that enrich the interactions, environments, and memories we share with our dogs