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Canvas Hex Cushion in Ocean

$159 - $199

Let your dog sleep in style. Our Hex Cushion is designed to allow multiple sleeping positions, so your dog always has a cozy sleeping spot. The tough Rugged Canvas textile is both comfy and sturdy, so it holds up against digging dogs and scratching puppies. Stone-washed and tumbled for a subtle faded, rustic look.

  • Comes with 1 outer cover and 7 interior inserts.
  • Outer cover: 85% cotton, 15% polyester.
  • Interior pillows: 100% cotton outer stuffed with recycled poly-fill.
  • Interior pillows are easily removable from the cover with hidden zippers, so you can wash the outer cover and pillows separately. More on Assembly & Care.
  • Designed in Brooklyn, NY. Made in Vietnam.

Stands up to Scratching

Dogs instinctively scratch to nest and cozy up their sleeping spot. The tight weave of our rugged Canvas makes it sturdy, so it withstands a dog’s need to dig before they snooze.

A bed for every sleep style

Forget box or donut shaped beds. Dogs have many sleeping positions. Our hex shape was designed to support them all.

Easy To Assemble & Wash

Dogs don’t wipe their paws before jumping into bed. That’s why we made our beds super easy to wash. Simply zip off the cover and throw it into the washing machine.


Hex Cushion FAQ's

Check out our Journal post on assembly and care!
Yes, our beds are machine washable! Visit our detailed post on how to care for your Velvet Hippo dog bed.
Our dog beds are crafted from a carefully selected contract-grade canvas textile that we spent quite a bit of time sourcing and testing! Visit this post to see why we chose our canvas textile and why it’s a great choice for your dog bed.
Every pup is different, however we generally recommend the sizing below. If your pup is on the border of two sizes, think about their sleep style preference. If they like to spread and sprawl out, size up.

Small: For pups up to 25 lbs.

Medium: For pups up to 50 lbs.

Large: For pups up to 70 lbs.

We also have a few other helpful tools to help you assess the right size bed:

On each product page, there’s a dropdown menu at the top of the main image. This allows you to toggle between different dog models on different size beds, so you can see how a range of fits.

We also have a spec page that outlines the detailed interior and exterior measurements of the hex bed. This is helpful if you’re trying to get a better idea of space planning and how the it will fit in your room.
Our beds are flat-packed and the pillows are vacuum sealed for efficient shipping, which also allows us to offer free ground shipping on all orders (yah!).
More FAQ's >