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Velvet Hippo is a pet accessories brand that inspires owners to express their personal style in the spaces and environments they share with their furry ones. Velvet Hippo is committed to creating quality products, and dedicated to sustainable manufacturing.

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    A bed all their own

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    Home is where your dog is

    Tips, tricks, and travel with your pup

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    Easy to Wash. Easy to Assemble.

    Machine washable cover that’s easy to put on and off.

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    Ruff and Rugged Canvas

    Ruff and Rugged Canvas

    As dogs hop into bed, they instinctively dig and scratch to get cozy. Our Rugged Canvas textile is durable enough to withstand repeated digging before lying down to sleep.

    A bed for every sleep style

    A bed for every sleep style

    Forget box or donut shaped beds. Dogs have many sleeping positions. Our hex shape was designed to support them all. 

    Easy To Assemble & Wash

    Easy To Assemble & Wash

    Dogs don’t wipe their paws before jumping into bed. That’s why we made our beds super easy to wash. Simply zip off the cover and throw it into the washing machine.